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Lecture - Installing and Testing SNORT IDS

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 Installing and Testing SNORT IDS





  • Setting up Snort in Linux, configuring local and external network variables, additional coverage of Snort configuration and rules, and using Nmap to generate Snort alerts.




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  • Snort Setup and Testing
  • Older video: Snort Installation
    • 1:47 - Installing Snort
    • 4:01 - Configuring home (local) network
    • 8:01 - Stopping/starting Snort service
    • 9:14 - Configuring external network
    • 10:40 - Snort rules path
    • 12:47 - Overview of alert file
    • 14:17 - Using tail command to view file changes in real-time
    • 14:45 - Installing Nmap
    • 15:40 - Running Nmap (SYN scan, OS detection) against Snort host
    • 16:58 - Alerts generated from scan
    • 18:53 - Successful OS detection with Nmap


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