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All Course Lectures

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CET4663 Lectures Page


Lectures that are useful for the materials in this course will be posted on this page. In addition to lectures produced for this class, this page also include lectures from other courses.


Getting Started

Introduction to Dr. Craiger's Classes

Introduction to CET4663

Security Fundamentals

Lecture - Introduction to Computer and Network Security
Lecture - Risk Analysis and Management 

Authentication and Auditing

Lecture - Authentication and Identification in Security
Lecture - Password Auditing
Lecture - Password Auditing with Rainbow Tables 

Network Auditing Lecture - TCP/IP (1 of 2)
Lecture - TCP/IP (2 of 2)
Lecture - Identifying Network Signatures from Packet Captures
Lecture - Wireshark - An Introduction to Filtering Packets 



Lecture - Introduction to Firewalls (1 of 2)
Lecture - Introduction to Firewalls (2 of 2)
Lecture - Firewalls with Iptables
Lecture - Setup for Firewall Assignment 

Intrusion Detection Systems Lecture - Implementing Intrusion Detection
Lecture - Installing and Testing SNORT IDS
Lecture - Creating SNORT Rules
Lecture - Introduction to Cryptography
Lecture - Symmetric and Public/Private Key Cryptography

Lecture - Using GPG 


Lecture - 

How To


How To - Install Ubuntu within VMWare
How To - Creating a Host-only Network in VMWare
How To - Expand your VMs Hard Drive
How To - Installing Samba
How To - Using Windump to Capture Network Packets 



Supporting Courses

CTS3348 - Linux/Unix Admin



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